Hating it or loving it: How local families are handling the new normal

Many happy about the extra time at home but scared about the uncertainty

No doubt these are strange times. Parents are working from home if they can while watching their children. People in essential services are still heading out into the world every day to make sure we have the important tools we need to get through this rocky time. Meanwhile, younger kids are starting to wonder when they can see their friends, or go to school again.

However, some people aren’t hating this new normal. We reached out to a local mom’s group to find out how families in Simcoe County are coping.

Many say while it’s disappointing not to be able to get out to playdates and meet with friends, they’re used to the slow mornings, and loose routine.

A lot of parents said they’re loving the extra time with their kids. They fill the days with baking, walks (while keeping a good distance from others) and getting creative with the games, and activities they have in the house.

image courtesy of Pxfuel

Others have discovered an online community they can connect with. Online meetings, parties, and workouts are being hosted constantly to give people some sense of normalcy.

Some are struggling, especially those who are still working or who have a partner that isn’t home throughout the day.

One mom said “It’s incredibly stressful. I have to keep working, and we have two little kids so working from home is impossible unless we’re both at home. We are just barely treading water.”

image courtesy of pixabay

This sentiment is repeated many times along with the uncertainty of how their jobs will be affected in the future. A few have said they try to enjoy the day and time at home, but the unpredictability of the future creates a cloud over the experience.

However, through all the positives and negatives; people are thankful.

Thankful to the front line health care workers who are working endlessly to help others, and to those in other essential services to make sure we have what we need.