Haunted Simcoe: The Beck House

Former owners linger in One of Area's Oldest Homes

We’ve already told you about the haunted rumours that swirl around the Penetanguishene Centennial Museum, formally the town’s general store. Now it’s time to pay a visit to the town’s nexus of the supernatural: The Beck House.

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The Beck House was home to Charles Beck, his wife, and 9 children and is one of the oldest standing buildings in the area. Considered one of the most haunted buildings in all of Ontario, it’s no secret that the former owners haven’t quite left it behind.

Ghost Stories From The Beck House

Haunted Simcoe Part 3: The Beck House

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Posted by Barrie 360 on Friday, October 30, 2020

Visitors and residents of the house have reported lights flickering and strange noises. They’ve even felt a slight tug on their blankets when they get into bed. (Perhaps a matronly mother tucking them in?)

While living in the home with his family, Charles lost his wife and two of his young children. It’s believed that these three are the most active spirits. Though, the owner of the apartment has stated that as many as 18 spirits live there.

Another is believed to by Charles’s daughter Mary. When Beck’s wife past away, Mary was charged with raising the younger children. Eventually she left the home to get married and start a family of her own, which created friction between Mary and Charles. When Charles passed, he split his inheritance evenly between all of his children. All except Mary, who received $1.

The story is that Mary still haunts the home in protest of receiving such a small amount.

While many of the rooms in the Beck House are home to permanent residents, one of the coolest things about this haunted house is you can actually rent one of the top floor apartments for a night on Airbnb!

If a short visit with the supernatural isn’t enough for you, maybe a whole night will give you the encounter you’re looking for.

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