Hockey Helps The Homeless tournament in Barrie raised $150,000 for local charities

Redwood Park Communities and the David Busby Centre are beneficiaries of another successful Hockey Helps the Homeless tournament at the Holly Community Centre in Barrie. The two local charities will receive 100% of the net proceeds raised – which hit $150,000 dollars on Friday. Organizers were happy to share the news that the teams reached that $150,000 fundraising goal.

$150,000 raised at HHTH Barrie

Hockey Helps the Homeless Barrie raises 150,000 dollars for charity
Rock95 & Kool FM sock drive at Hockey Helps the Homeless Barrie fundraising tournament

Co-Founder of Redwood Park Communities and Director of Housing & Family Support Rhonda Kent shared how the money is helping provide housing for those facing homelessness in the city.

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Accompanying Kent were recent recipients of those supports. The trio shared stories about how the fundraising from a HHTH tournament 4 years ago in Barrie impacted their lives through housing support.

Hockey Helps the Homeless Barrie
Hockey Helps the Homeless Barrie