Hockey practices to resume at National Training Rinks in Barrie with four players-one coach format

No access to change rooms, players must leave immediately after practice

Nothing like a game of hockey to bring some sense of normalcy during uncertain times.

However, all won’t be like it once was when hockey practices resume at National Training Rinks in Barrie next week.

On-ice instructor Zach McCullough said there will only be four players and one coach allowed on the ice at anytime. Players will not have access to the change rooms and will have to be in full gear when they arrive at the door, with 10 minutes set aside to put on skates and then 10 minutes at the end of practice to remove skates and leave the building.

Parents will be able to drop their kids off at the door but not enter. A greeter will provide directions to the players.

“There will be designated exits,” said McCullough. “Players will leave via one exit and other players will enter by another so there is no contact.”

For parents to register their kids, they must agree to an electronic waiver that allows for tracing should a person become infected with COVID-19.

While it may seem like the school of hard knocks, on-ice instructor David McCullough said there is no other way around it.

“It has to be regimented. Everybody we have spoken to is so understanding. They get it.”

Picture courtesy National Training Rinks-Barrie