Woman’s idea of renting a hotel room to wrap presents goes viral

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A holiday hack from a mom on TikTok is going viral, again, and people love it.

Last year, McKelligan posted a video of her renting a hotel room for a few nights to relax and wrap presents.

The video shows her shopping, grabbing a latte and snacks, checking into her room and getting to work.

She also takes time out to relax, drink a few beers and relax.

Trying to wrap presents can be daunting, especially with kids running around, so this solves a few issues.

People in the comments love the idea, but the cost is a major factor in saying no.

A few people suggested making it a friend’s weekend so you can split the rental cost of an Air BNB.

One woman suggested sending the family away instead, so you have the house to yourself for a weekend and do not have to haul all the packages.

All I could think while watching the video was, ” How many people did she buy for?” as the number of packages was insane.

Lets stay tuned to see if she does it again this year.

@mckelligan Second annual wrapping weekend! Booked a hotel for two nights, wrapped all gifts🎄, order takeout, watch tons of tv, and no one asked me for anything 🤶🏻. #momwin #wrappinghacks #selfcare #christmas #wrappinggifts #wrappingweekend #mrsclaus ♬ Candy Cane Lane – Sia

Feature image from @mckelligan VIA TikTok