House egged, window busted, and the cops say the alleged incident is criminal

Damaged is pegged at $600

It’s all fun and games until someone, like in this case in southwest Barrie, ends up with a busted window.

Police are trying to identify the person(s) accused of egging a house and causing several hundred dollars worth of damage.

Police say the incident happened at a home on Black Ash Trail Thursday night, which is in the area of Mapleton Avenue and Ardagh Road.

They say the front porch had been egged and a basement window broken.

If the culprits think their actions were nothing more than a harmless prank, police say they are mistaken.

“Bottom line, this act is mischief, and it’s criminal,” police said in a statement to Barrie 360. “The victimized family will now be inconvenienced by this senseless act by someone who failed to think things through thoroughly before they acted.”

Police say it appears someone threw a rock through the window.

Damage is pegged at $600.

They ask anyone with information to email the investigating officer.