Hustle And Bustle Of The Holidays Alive And Well At Canada Post In Barrie

Canada Post says over 9,000 parcels delivered in a two-day period last week in Barrie-area

If preparing for Christmas leaves you stressed, imagine the pressure at Canada Post. Christmas cards and parcels to deliver, not to mention making sure letters to Santa Claus from around the world get to their North Pole destination on time for a response.

Nicholas Casini, Collection and Delivery Supervisor at the Canada Post depot on Morrow Road in Barrie offers not the slightest hint of stress in his voice during a phone interview.

“Across the country, 1.4 million parcels a day are delivered. Our goal is to make sure we always have everything delivered on time for Christmas.”

If that’s going to be the case, there is also responsibility for the customer. Casini says Canada Post has no deadlines in terms of shipping items, just many shipping options, some more costly than others.

The most affordable is one person to another, where an item is dropped off at a retail postal outlet. But to have it arrive in time for Christmas, today is the deadline. There are more expensive shipping options available until December 23, and Casini says if you are doing online then check with the retailer in terms of delivery days and additional costs.

Another factor at play during this time of year is weather. While Canada Post equips its carriers with cleated boots and other winter equipment, homeowners and businesses are encouraged to clear a path to the mailbox.

“What that involves is clearing snow from your walkways, sidewalks around your home, up to your mailbox and salting the area as well.” says Casini.

One of the best parts of the job at Christmas is the letters to Santa Claus that arrive at Canada Post outlets from kids around the world

For over 37 years, Canada Post elves have been answering letters written to Santa.

“We are able to respond in more than 39 languages. It’s good we can touch every market,” says Casini. “We reply to more than a million letters every year.”

To receive a reply from Santa, kids need to have that letter to the North Pole in the mail by tomorrow, December 12th.