Hybrid learning in Simcoe-Muskoka Catholic elementary schools on hold for this school year

Students will be locked into their current learning mode until June

There will not be a hybrid learning model put into place in Simcoe Muskoka Catholic elementary schools until at least next fall.

The board announced plans for such last month, but it was met with opposition, many having had enough of changes that have taken place due to the pandemic

“Based on the overwhelming feedback, we know people do not want any more change, said Kim Weishart, Superintendent of Student Achievement, in a report to the board.

The board decided last night to continue as is for the remainder of this school year. But Weishart told the board it comes with a price, “In order to do this, we will no longer be able to offer two opportunities for change in February and April, but will instead need to move to a waitlist system.”

What it means is students are locked into their face-to-face or virtual programs until further notice. Anyone wishing to change will go on a waiting list for accommodation when space permits. Weishart noted well over 1000 requests to change mode of learning had been accommodated as of a November 23 deadline.

The hybrid model has been in play in Catholic high schools since November 16. There have been some issues related to technology and logistics, but most have been dealt with. Feedback from principals suggests staff and students are doing well given the new expectations.