Innisfil IdeaLAB and Library’s Lakeshore and Cookstown Branches open as warming centres

Time limits could be enforced, depending on demand

The Town of Innisfil is opening up two branches of its library for anyone who needs to go in and keep warm.

A significant drop in temperature is expected to continue through Wednesday, and as a result, warming centres at the Innisfil ideaLAB and Library’s Lakeshore and Cookstown Branches are being made available. Visitors will be required to wear face masks while inside and will be pre-screened at entry. They will be guided to a specific section within the library where they can stay to warm up safely while still maintaining a safe physical distance. Washroom access will be provided, as will hand sanitizer.

If there is heavy demand for either warming centre, time restrictions could be put in place. People will be permitted to re-enter as space becomes available.

Residents can use Innisfil Transit to travel to Innisfil ideaLAB & Library‚Äôs Lakeshore Branch for the flat rate of $4. All other trips will receive $4 off the fare. The Town of Innisfil also provides discounted fares for low-income households and a voucher that provides two free trips (one return trip) per month. More information can be found on Innisfil’s transit website.