Innisfil Sticking With Popular Ridesharing-Based Transit System

Council Votes To Extend Program By a Year While It Mulls Over Fare Increase

The Town of Innisfil really seems to like its transit system.

At Wednesday’s council meeting, everyone around the table voted to extend its ridesharing-based transit system for a year, while it’s being suggested a fare increase might be in order.

“We’ve had two surveys now, one in 2017, the other in 2018. The rider satisfaction in both those surveys has been upwards of seventy per cent, which is showing us the community is really satisfied with the service.” says Paul Pentikainen, Senior Policy Planner with the Town of Innisfil, “comments and remarks on the survey as well show how thrilled the community is to have this service. In some cases it allows people to access a job they wouldn’t have the opportunity to in the first place.”

Pentikainen says the only reason the program is being extended for just one year, is because that’s as long as it can be extended for, one year at a time, under the terms of the agreement. He adds this doesn’t mean the program is going away anytime soon. “We view this as part of our long-term solution.” he tells Barrie 360 “we make tweaks and adjustments along the way just to improve the quality of service and to ensure it is something that is cost-effective to the Town of Innisfil as well. And it is proving to be, for sure.”

Speaking of cost-effective, there is the possibility the cost for users could go up in the near future. “We are recommending a dollar fare increase to be effective as of April 1st, and a limit of 30 trips per rider as well.” says Pentikainen “we’re hearing comments as well, from people asking for more flat-fee destinations, as those are very popular among residents. We look at this as a way that, with a slight fare adjustment… that it would allow for those opportunities, piloting these flat-fee destinations.”

The decision on whether to raise fees was put off by council until the end of the month, while extending the program was approved Wednesday evening.