InnPower to issue refunds to some customers

Ontario Energy Board cites rates charged in 2017

Some InnPower customers will be getting a refund.

An OEB inspection into InnPower’s accounting procedures and controls included a review of certain rates the company charged in 2017. The inspection found these rates were non-compliant with an OEB rate order, and that InnPower had overcharged its customers by $405,769.

In its decision on InnPower’s application for 2016 rates, the OEB approved, among other things, rate riders relating to the balances in the company’s deferral and variance accounts. A rate rider is a temporary credit or charge approved by the OEB. Rate riders are listed separately on a company’s Tariff of Rates and Charges, with an explicit expiry date. While the two rate riders in question were ordered to be effective only from January 1 to December 31, 2016, InnPower continued to charge them until December 31, 2017.

– Ontario Energy Board

In addition to the refunds, InnPower will pay an administrative monetary penalty of $5,000.

It’s not clear how much individual refunds will be.