It’ll take a village to conquer COVID-19, and Barrie is yours

Barrie based Facebook groups extending virtual helping hand

Amid the social distancing, mass buying, and hoarding, a silver lining has emerged in the City of Barrie. You only need to search social media to find a pair of Facebook groups with the primary goal of helping others.

Since this weekend, Facebook groups “The Giving Hands” and “Barrie Families Unite” have brought people together in these unstable times.

The Giving Hands Facebook group’s main purpose is to connect people who are healthy, willing and able, with people who are at high risk, such as seniors, and people who are immunodeficient.

Admin Jane Walker says she started the group on Friday after growing increasingly concerned about the hoarding at local stores. “I can only imagine how it must feel for someone who has limited mobility to get out of the house. It’s those people who we have to reach out to.”

The group works by everybody posting where they are located and what they can provide. Walker says “I have people in the community compiling lists of clients and patients who they know need help. From there I will start pairing people together.”

If you want to help out or know of someone in need you can contact Jane at or at The Giving Hands

Another Facebook page that has emerged since Sunday is Barrie Families Unite.

In the last 24 hours, more than 2 thousand people have joined the group that connects the community. It’s a place for people to speak up if they can help out and ask for help if they need it.

Admin Nikki Glahn says in just one day they provided a family who doesn’t have streaming services with DVD’s for the kids. They were able to get food for a senior, and books for a grandparent. “What I love is that people are offering what they can, so it’s there if needed,” Glahn adds.

Glahn says they plan to keep the tone of the group positive and the purpose of the page maintained. “It’s not a space for debating COVID-19 do’s and don’ts. It’s for connecting people who have ideas and ways of helping the community.”

More information can be found at Barrie Families Unite