It’s Almost Time To Hit The Slopes But How Will Ski Season Look This Year?

Safer and with precautions in place!

With many above zero temperatures and little in the way of snowfall so far this season, most hills still don’t have an opening date. However, most already have firm plans in place to make sure this ski season is as safe as possible so you can enjoy the fresh powder whenever it does decide to fall.

Many resorts, such as Snow Valley, will be opening for pass holder access only. Once they are confident that they can keep everyone safe, they will open for daily passes. Purchasing and planning your trip ahead of time is also a must for all resorts as some activities will look a lot different or might be postponed all together until next year. Don’t get turned away at the door; no surprises and plan ahead!

Each Resort might have different rules so be sure to head over and do your research before you do anything. Some even have a handy video explaining all the new features and regulations, like Blue Mountain:

Be smart, be safe, and be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for announcements about opening days!

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