John Stamos and Jax from American Idol have recorded lullaby version of Full House hit “Forever”

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90’s kids who grew up watching Uncle Jesse from Full House belt out his famous song ” Forever” are in for a blast from the past.

The song that went number 1 in Japan (IYKYK) has been re-released as a lullaby.

The song was a main storyline for John Stamos’s character, Uncle Jesse.

It feels like every season had him belting the loved ballad.

Now, decades later, the 60-year-old teamed up with former “American Idol” contestant Jax to record a new lullaby version of “Forever.

There’s actually a lot of history to the song.

It was originally written and performed by the “Beach Boys” in the 70’s and got an update from Stamos and his fictional band “Jesse and the Rippers” on the show.

Have a listen to the lullaby version below.

Here’s uncle Jesse’s version

feature image from Youtube