Justin Trudeau Liberals Win Minority Government

The Liberals will form a minority government, results still coming in

It was an Aladdin costume and not a skeleton in the closet that came to roost over the past 40 days of our federal election. The photos and one video of Justin Trudeau dressed in an Aladdin costume wearing racist makeup was perhaps the largest political earthquake this time around. Those 40 days have come to an end and now the results of the 2019 Federal Election are in.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau

It seems the blackface scandal and the SNC-Lavalin debacle were not enough to rock the boat completely ashore. The next federal government will be a minority Liberal government with Trudeau at the helm.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer
Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer

Leading up to Monday night, Justin Trudeau repeatedly attacked the Conservatives on climate change, which he called “the defining issue of our time.” Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer called Trudeau a fraud and a phony for firing the first indigenous Attorney General [ Jody Wilson-Raybould ] for doing her job.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh
NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May also repeatedly went after Trudeau over his handling of the SNC-Lavalin affair saying she hoped to God that the Liberals don’t get another majority government. And NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh declared they would form a coalition government to keep the Conservatives from taking power.

Local Results: Headlines

PC John Brassard was elected in Barrie-Innisfil.
  • PC John Brassard was elected in Barrie-Innisfil.
  • PC Doug Shipley was elected in Barrie- Springwater Oro-Medonte
  • PC Terry Dowdall elected in Simcoe-Grey
  • PC Bruce Stanton elected in Simcoe North
  • PC Scott Davidson elected in York-Simcoe
  • Conservative Scott Aitchison declared winner in Parry Sound- Muskoka.

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PC Doug Shipley was elected in Barrie- Innisfil- Oro-Medonte
PC Doug Shipley was elected in Barrie- Springwater-Oro-Medonte

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