New open channel Kidd’s Creek design reduces flooding of Dunlop Street West

The project also created an additional habitat for brook trout

News release from the City of Barrie

This morning, Mayor Jeff Lehman was joined by Prabhat Batra, representative for MP Doug Shipley and Kenneth Cheney, Director of Engineering at the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority, to celebrate the recent completion of the Kidd’s Creek Culvert Replacement project. The City and Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority collaborated on this project to create an open channel creek that will help to drastically reduce flooding.

“This is one of those unassuming municipal projects that is so incredibly important to our city,” said Mayor Jeff Lehman. “As of result of this work, we won’t see flooding of Dunlop Street like we have in the past, which ultimately protects public safety and property and helps to improve water quality in Lake Simcoe.”

The project involved converting the closed stormwater pipes and culverts along Dunlop Street between Eccles Street and Bradford Street into a naturalized open channel that’s been constructed to withstand a 100-year storm. The City received $3.5 million in federal funding from the National Disaster Mitigation Program for this project.

“The Kidd’s Creek culvert upgrades are a great example of how beneficial proactive planning and collaboration are to preventing future problems,” said MP Doug Shipley. “It is always great to see federal funding assist with preventative measures such as this.”

The natural channel design has not only reduced the flooding risk, but it’s also created additional habitat for brook trout. There is now a low flow channel with vegetation to support the aquatic features and maintain stormwater run-off.

“The City of Barrie is an exemplary collaborator,” said Kenneth Cheney, Director of Engineering at Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority. “They are addressing the problems with historical development, while innovating with the needs of the future in mind. They approached us from the beginning, committed to pursuing the best environmental practices together. We are delighted to celebrate this noteworthy project. It will deliver on reduced flooding, improved wildlife habitat, a more beautiful view and a healthier lake Simcoe Watershed for us all.”

Visit the Dunlop Street: Kidd’s Creek Culvert Replacement page to learn more about this project.

Banner image: City of Barrie