Local and Provincial COVID-19 numbers as of Sunday, April 11

Province updates its numbers daily except holidays, the SMDHU does so Monday to Friday

Your main takeaway today:
Ontario records single-day record for new COVID-19 cases, as patients with the virus being treated in ICU tops 600

Provincial COVID-19 numbers as per Public Health Ontario, updated daily by 11 a.m.

  • New cases reported Sunday: 4,456 (386,608 to date)
  • New recoveries reported Sunday: 2,617 (346,239 to date)
  • New deaths reported Sunday: 21 (7,552 to date)
  • Number of patients hospitalized as of Sunday: 1,513 (10 per cent of hospitals did not submit data)
  • Number of patients in ICU as of Sunday: 605 (382 on a ventilator)
  • Vaccine doses administered by Saturday at 8 p.m.: 94,794 (3,139,743 total doses administered, 333,150 people fully vaccinated)
  • Number of new tests processed by Saturday: 56,378
  • Percent positivity: 7.7 per cent

Local COVID-19 numbers as per the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit, updated Monday to Friday by 3 p.m.

  • Number of new cases reported Friday: 100 (8,418 to date)
  • Number of variant-of-concern* (VOC) cases reported Friday: 92 (There are 1,245 cases to date that have tested positive for a VOC, there are 405 tests that have screened positive and awaiting confirmatory testing)
  • Number of active COVID-19 cases as of Friday: 771
  • Number of active and screened VOC cases: 379
  • Number of new recoveries Friday: 39 (7,331 to date)
  • Number of deaths reported Friday: 1 (208 to date)
  • Number of people currently hospitalized due to COVID-19: 38
  • Number of vaccines administered by Thursday at 8 p.m.: 2,027 (116,464 to date)

*Variants of concern are derived from prior positive COVID-19 tests; the health unit rescreens prior positive test samples for a VOC, thus VOCs are not on top of new COVID-19 cases but a subset of them.

  • Tests run in Simcoe County last week: 222 per 100,000 people
  • Tests run in Muskoka District last week: 98 per 100,000 people
  • Percent positivity^: 4.8 percent

^Percent positivity is the percentage of positive tests among all tests run, and the goal is to get that number below 1.0 percent.