Less Is More The Mantra For Canadians In 2019

Majority find life too busy

Time to make life simple again.

A survey by Simplii Financial suggests 87 percent of Canadians are finding life to be be too busy, wanting to lessen their burdens and increase their joy. Everyday tasks take up a lot of time for Canadians, the survey found. While two-thirds say they spend an hour or more on routine activities such as getting the laundry done, some admit they spend up to 20 minutes just choosing a restaurant, what to eat for dinner, or which show to watch over the weekend.

The top things that drain time, money and energy are:

  • laundry, chores and home maintenance (47 percent)
  • grocery shopping (40 percent)
  • cluttered living space (40 percent)
  • fitness regime (39 percent)
  • garage, basement or storage locker (37 percent)

Many younger Canadians – those aged 18-34 – are cutting through their cluttered lives through digital means through grocery shopping, banking and pre-ordering coffee online. Ask them what a cheque is and 29 per cent will shrug their shoulders having never written one…for anything.

“A great way to reduce wasted time is to keep what brings you the greatest joy and remove what doesn’t,” says Michele Delory of Modern and Minimalist, a Certified KonMari and home organizing consultant. “For example, curating your closet with only your favourite items means you’ll spend less time choosing an outfit, and when everything has a home, you spend less time finding things and more time doing the things you want to do.”