Lifeguards On Duty A Little Longer This Year

City Expected to Extend Lifeguard Season To Labour Day

The City of Barrie will be extending the lifeguard season, only slightly this year, but likely straight through to Labour Day next year.

Barrie Council voted to extend the guarded beach season at Centennial Beach from this Sunday, August 18th, an extra five days to Friday the 23rd. This would cost about $7,000 with funds coming from a Strategic Priorities Reserve.

“Every year, we announce the lifeguards are finishing their activities, and every year we get complaints.” said Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman. “People often don’t understand, that with two weeks of summer left, why we stop the lifeguarding. It is difficult for us to staff the last days of summer, because a lot of the guards are students.”

The City is expected to extend the lifeguard season at both Gentennial and Johnson’s Beaches until Labour Day, September 7th, 2020, while the city is looking into the approximate $30,000 added costs associated with this.