Local artist Tkaia Green releases debut single ‘End Of The Day’

"This song has meant so much to me as I have built it not only on my experiences, but my family and friends as well."

Having received 1st place in the Teen Music Theatre category at the Barrie Music Festival in 2019, along with her numerous roles working with local theatre groups like Moving Art Centre for Performing Arts, Barrie North Collegiate, and Theatre By The Bay, you might already be familiar with Tkaia Green‘s wonderful vocal talent.

If you’re aren’t, prepare to be.

Her debut single ‘End Of The Day’ takes the typical heartbreak song and flips it in a more positive light, coming at it from a place of strength and growth. “Of course, we all go through heartbreak at some point, but it’s about what we do with that pain,” said Green. What’s immediately clear is the power and charm her voice carries and how each line hits with beautiful passion.

Green has also released a music video to accompany the song and you can check it out below:

Having come from a background in theatre, Green can’t wait for the day she can return to the stage saying “Performing live has always been a comfort place for me. There’s something about just living in the moment and feeling the music that really moves not only the audience but myself”. Don’t worry, we know a few Barrie venues that would love to have you.

Hopefully we will see Green lighting up downtown Barrie stages with her magnetic voice soon, but until then you can listen to her debut single, right now, on Spotify.

Featured image courtesy of Pixabay via pexels.com