Local conservation authorities warn with Spring Thaw comes faster-moving bodies of water

Melting snow, shifting ice, more rainfall all contributing factors

Spring is just around the corner, and that has prompted an annual heads up from the Lake Simcoe Region (LSRCA) and Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authorities (NVCA) .

With warmer weather on the horizon, melting snow, shifting ice, and rainfall can contribute to higher, faster-flowing water across the Lake Simcoe watershed. Slippery and unstable stream banks and extreme cold-water temperatures could also lead to dangerous conditions near any body of water.

The LSCRA and NVCA offer the following tips to keep safe during the Spring Thaw:

  • Keep family and pets away from the edges of all bodies of water
  • Avoid all recreational activities in or around water
  • Where you can, move objects such as chairs or benches away from the water’s edge to avoid losing them during the spring thaw

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