Local Group Will “Rock” The Lakeshore

Bright Stones Will Hide In Barrie Parks

A local Barrie group plans to line local parks with bright and cheerful messages.

Barrie Rocks is a group that’s been busily painting, decorating, and adding inspirational messages on rocks to leave behind for others to find. The idea was brought to the area by local woman Mel O’Neill, who says she was inspired by a recent visit to Thunder Bay with her 5-year-old daughter Nevaeh. “We went out rock hunting, and the look on my daughters face when she found her first rock was to die for, and she begged me to start a group in Barrie.”

It’s a great activity for the whole family to do, kids love it and it costs very little, says O’Neill.

The process is simple; you paint the rocks, seal them, and hide them in parks for others to find. Hopefully it will brighten somebody’s day. If you find a rock, you can post an image of it to Facebook and write a message to the group. You can also keep it for a while or re-hide it.

O’Neill started the Facebook group a week ago which has already grown to almost 200 members. The group plans to distribute the happy messages at the end of the month with a focus on the Lakeshore from Johnson’s Beach to Tollendale along with Sunnidale Park. They hope to add more destinations to the list as interest grows.