Long-term care facility for deaf in Barrie receives government cash to upgrade HVAC system

The Ontario and federal governments have teamed up to provide more than $3.1 million in one-time funding to the Bob Rumball Home for the Deaf in Barrie to upgrade the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system at the long-term care facility.

While the money was presented in April, a formal announcement was made on Tuesday.

Funding announcement at Bob Rumball Home for the Deaf – Barrie – from L to R: Barrie-Innisfil MP John Brassard, Amy Skibmore, Interpreter, Barrie-Innisfil MPP Andrea Khanjin, Derek Rumball, Board of Directors Chair, Shirley Cassel, Administrator, Bob Rumball Home for the Deaf

“What it does is that it really enhances the air quality within the building by exchanging air with the outside and putting in fresh air, and upping the air quality within the building,” says Board of Director’s chair Derek Rumball.

The current system has been in place for 15 years and the repairs are becoming more extensive.

“It is definitely in need of technological upgrading,” Rumball added.

The Bob Rumball Home for the Deaf has 64 residents and about 100 staff members.

“The reason we established it was to provide a home for those that are in need of sign language or were culturally deaf, and whoever became deaf,” says Rumball. “Imagine having medical needs and not being able to communicate that to your caregiver, and how frustrating and unfair it would be.”

“People who come here know that they will be cared for in their language, which is sign language.”