Looking for love? It’ll cost you

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Love hurts your heart and your wallet.

Gone are the days when dating meant grabbing a soda, a burger, and then parking in lover’s lane.

The cost of dating has been growing steadily, and those in the dating scene feel the pinch.

A recent Lending Tree survey concludes that 22% of American millennials and 19% of Gen Zers have gone into debt because of dating.

It makes perfect sense when you think about it.

Factor in ride shares, dinner, entertainment, late-night coffee, dessert, and inflation, and you have a costly night.

The average cost is around $91. Multiply that by several dates a month, and you have a high bill.


Staying home also costs some cash if you get a decent bottle of wine and order food.

In the early days of dating, you want to impress your partner, so being careful about money is an afterthought.

Here’s the good news, 85 % of people said they wouldn’t feel offended if their partner took them on a low-cost date.

The survey says 14 % of Americans are trying to spend less on dates while 1 in 5 are going on fewer dates.


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