MacLaren Access Art: Tearing down barriers to the arts

With support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation

Committed to ensuring everyone has access to the arts, the MacLaren Art Centre has announced new efforts to develop accessible exhibition-related programs and interpretive tools designed in consultation with the community.

The MacLaren Art Centre has partnered with ten organizations that are experts in accessibility to create exhibitions and collections for those who are partially sighted and blind, hard of hearing and deaf, and those living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They have also announced that Tyler Durbano, who formally led their Education department, will be taking on a new role as Accessibility Coordinator.

“We are excited to begin to address the physical, intellectual, emotional and environmental barriers that guests with disabilities may face when experiencing our exhibitions, either in the galleries or through exploratory artmaking. We invite you to follow along with us on social media to see MacLaren Access Art take shape”.

Featured image courtesy of Lum3n via