Man Charged With Drunk Driving After Being Refused Booze at Bradford Store

Grocery Store Clerk Refused to Sell More Alcohol To Man Already Displaying Signs of Intoxication

A grocery store clerk helped keep an alleged drunk driver of the streets.

South Simcoe Police got the call around 7:30 Sunday evening, from a grocer’s on Holland St. and Melbourne Dr. in Bradford, regarding a customer who appeared intoxicated. The employee had refused to sell the customer alcohol as a result, and when police arrived they say the customer was found sitting behind the wheel of his vehicle in the parking lot.

Police say they could smell booze on his breath while he displayed other signs of intoxication. The 58-year-old man was arrested on the spot and brought back to the stationhouse, where breath tests allegedly revealed the driver was twice at the legal limit of booze in his system.