Manhunt for BC fugitives remains focussed in northern Manitoba

Teens charged with one murder, suspected in two others

The Mounties believe the two fugitives wanted for one murder and suspected in two others in British Columbia are still in Manitoba, hiding in the rugged northern wilderness .

Heavily armed police, wearing camouflage, are inspecting every vehicle going in and out of the small town of Gillam and Fox Lake Cree Nation, scouring the bush and checking abandoned buildings.

There are many cabins, cottages and abandoned hydro-electric buildings in the area.

Locals say the area in unforgiving. The bush is thick, and the land is swampy and teeming with insects. Anyone unprepared for that, they say, will have a tough time surviving.

Police are treating the lifelong friends, who were initially considered missing persons, as armed and dangerous. 

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Ontario Provincial Police warned yesterday the pair could be headed to Ontario.