‘March is Easter Seals Month is about raising an awareness,’ officials say ahead of campaign

'We aim to create a more inclusive, accessible, and equitable society'

As March approaches, Easter Seals is gearing up for their March is Easter Seals Month, a nationwide campaign aimed at raising awareness and funds for children and youth with physical disabilities.

This initiative sheds light on the work of Easter Seals, a charitable organization dedicated to improving the lives of these individuals.

The organization offers financial assistance towards services like mobility equipment, as well as fully-inclusive sport, recreation, and leisure programs.

Charlene Myke, development manager for Easter Seals’ central Ontario branch, says
a lot of people hear the name Easter Seals but are not sure what it is – which is the purpose of the March campaign.

“We want people to learn who we are and how they can help,” Myke stated.

“We aim to create a more inclusive, accessible, and equal society where kids with physical disabilities are valued, respected, and given opportunities to reach their potential.”

She emphasized the need for support, as families often have to purchase costly equipment themselves.

People can donate through the Easter Seals website or participate in fundraising events like Dancing With The Stars, directly benefiting Easter Seals kids in the Barrie area.

Myke urged inclusivity and empathy towards children with disabilities, emphasizing that they are just kids who want the same opportunities as everyone else.

She recounted a powerful conversation she had with a youth part of the organization.

“I was really moved last year, one of our Easter Seals provincial ambassadors from two years ago graduated from high school, going off to university … and she had a special prom dress made so it would flow overtop of her wheelchair,” said Myke.

“But the most interesting thing was she had her cap and gown, and on the top of her cap was written, ‘see the ability, not the disability,’ and I talked to her and I said, ‘wow, why did you do that?’ She said because when I’m in a wheelchair, people are always looking down [at] me and that’s the message I want them to see.”

Spread awareness about the campaign by following Easter Seals Ontario on Instagram, Facebook, and X (formerly Twitter), or show support by registering a fundraising team at MarchIsEasterSealsMonth.org.

Banner image via the Easter Seals Website