UPDATE: Judge Hands Down Life Sentence in Toronto serial killings

Bruce MacArthur Will Be Eligible For Parole in His 90's

February 8

Bruce McArthur has been sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years. He was given eight life sentences to be served concurrently after admitting to killing eight men.

Superior Court Justice John McMahon said at a sentencing hearing today he does not believe MacArthur will ever be released, after the 67-year-old man showed no remorse for his crime.

February 6

A judge will decide the fate of Toronto serial killer Bruce McArthur on Friday.

The Crown yesterday asked the court to sentence McArthur to 50 years in prison (two consecutive sentences) before he could apply for parole. The defence argued that because of his age it’s unnecessary to extend parole eligibility beyond the minimum 25 years. If the judge sides with the Crown,
McArthur would not be eligible for parole until he was 116.

Court also heard yesterday of the steel rod and rope used to strangle eight victims and of gruesome pictures taken of them, unconscious and posed with items such as fur coats, hats and cigars

There were two key pieces of evidence that led police to McArthur.

The name Bruce was written on a calendar inside the apartment of McArthur’s final victim Andrew Kinsmen the day he went missing.

Police also found video surveillance from around Kinsmen’s neighbourhood, on which they saw Kinsmen getting into a vehicle later identified as belonging to McArthur. It was eventually located in a Bowmanville scrapyard with evidence linking McArthur, Kinsmen and another victim.

McArthur has pleaded guilty to the murders of eight men from Toronto’s Gay Village.

January 29

A guilty plea from Bruce McArthur.

The 67-year-old self-employed landscaper charged with the muders of eight men from Toronto’s Gay Village, has entered the plea to all eight counts of first-degree murder.

Toronto police hinted yesterday at a ‘significant development’ in the case of McArthur, who has waived his right to a preliminary hearing, opting to go straight to trial.

Each charge carries an automatic life sentence.