See you in 50 years! Midland buries time capsule linking history, present and future

items inside selected based on relevance to the history and future of Midland

courtesy of the Town of Midland

Today, the Town of Midland buried a time capsule to commemorate the completion of the King Street Rejuvenation Project as well as Midland’s history and current time we live in. It will be unearthed by residents in 2071.

The community was invited to provide suggestions for what to include in the time capsule and items were selected based on their relevance to the history and future of Midland, size, and archival stability.

Among the items included in the time capsule:

  • A letter from Council speaking to current-day events including: King Street Rejuvenation Project, the COVID-19 pandemic, and plans for future projects and developments.
  • A 3D-printed butter tart
  • Items from Beausoleil First Nation and Georgian Bay Metis Council
  • Items recognizing milestone anniversaries, and more!

“When future Midlanders unearth the time capsule, they will gain a small glimpse into this eventful time in Midland’s history,” said Mayor Stewart Strathearn. “And it is our hope that Midland in 2071 is still as great a place to live as it is in 2021.”

The time capsule is buried at the intersection of King Street and Bayshore Drive, connecting it to the King Street Rejuvenation Project and the Harbour. A large rock (seen beside the time capsule in the attached photos) has been placed on top of the time capsule burial location, and a plaque will be installed on the rock in the coming weeks.