Milder, wetter winter ahead – Environment Canada

Lake effect snow could have a bigger impact than usual

His predictions for spring, summer, and fall were pretty much spot-on so what does Environment Canada’s David Phillips foresee for the winter?

“In some ways, what we’ve seen already [through November and December] is nature giving us a script for this particular winter. It’s been a bit fickle and fitful, it has been up and down, back and forth.”

I think when you get this kind of unsettled, this back and forth, multi-personality of winter, then it makes it go faster.

– David Phillips, Environment Canada

Phillips remembers the week’s worth of summer we had in November. but adds we’re not likely to see that through the winter months. We’re also not likely to get relentless days of extreme cold. In fact, he says it appears we’re in for equal amounts of rain and snow, “If you don’t like the snow, well just wait for it and the next rain event will take it away for you.”

Lake effect snow could have a bigger impact than usual. With the milder temperatures lakes and bays will take longer to freeze over, “Skiers and snowmobilers, and people who just like to go for a walk on a winter’s day, they’re going to have their moments this particular winter, because of the lake effect snow engine that will be turned off and on during this winter.” As for ice fishing, Phillips says it may take a while for the ice to freeze thick enough to venture out on.

Overall, Phillips says there will be moments we wish we were somewhere else, but adds they won’t be long, drawn out months or weeks to months that wear you down. “I think there’ll be moments where we we feel exhilarated. It’ll be mild enough to go outside and enjoy the season.”