Modified Truck Used in Transborder Cocaine Smuggling Operation

Engineered Speaker Would Open Under Right Conditions, Says OPP, Revealing Concealed Cocaine

Two locals are among the three charged in a 15 month long investigation into the smuggling of cocaine into the region from the States.

The trio were arrested as part of a 15-month long investigation known as Project Tattler, looking into the smuggling of drugs cross-boarder. The investigation had police trailing a transport truck suspected to be used in the smuggling operation, eventually stopping that truck at the border.


Investigators claim the vehicle had a specially modified speaker system in it. It’s said once you place a battery on some contact wires within the cab, a mechanism rotated and released the speaker cover, revealing a hiding spot inside. That’s where investigators claim they found 55kg of cocaine, with a minimum street value pegged at $5.5 million.

“With the amount of cocaine seized during Project Tattler, we have again stopped criminals from causing more harm while removing potential profits from the criminal economy that fuel lavish criminal lifestyles.” said OPP Deputy Commissioner Rick Barnum.

A 35-year-old Springwater Township man and 32-year-old from New Tecumseth, along with a 44-year-old suspect from Kitchener-Waterloo, face a combined 14 drug smuggling-related charges.