More recoveries than new COVID-19 cases as numbers continue trending downward province-wide

Nearly 75 percent of all cases have recovered

Just 329 new cases of COVID-19 confirmed by Public Health Ontario this morning, as new cases continue to trend downward.

Ontario’s case count stands at 21,236, including 15,845 recoveries. That’s 454 more people than yesterday and nearly 75 percent of all cases.

Another 40 lives lost since yesterday, 1,765 to date.

Ontario’s epidemic curve, courtesy Public Health Ontario

The majority of Ontario’s COVID-19 cases are among women, at 57.2% of all cases. The majority of those becoming infected are in the age range of 40 to 59 (30.5% of all cases), followed by those aged 20 to 39 (23.8%). Those over the age of 60 make up about 21 percent of all infections.