Motorists encouraged to recognize their own bad driving habits as Road Safety Week kicks off across Canada

South Simcoe Police joining other services in cracking down on Big Four crash contributors

Drivers are encouraged to think differently when they get behind the wheel as the South Simcoe Police joins law enforcers across Canada in marking Road Safety Week.

This year’s campaign theme, Shifting Gears, hopes to inspire motorists to think about problematic driving behaviours by broadening their understanding of the rules of the road. The South Simcoe Police are hoping drivers will acknowledge the bad habits they may not have realized they even had and to change their driving behaviour to suit.

South Simcoe Police will spend Road Safety Week focusing on the “Big Four” contributors to collisions: speeding, aggressive driving, distracted driving, and impaired driving.

The initiative is a yearly endeavour led by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police.