Muskoka Planning Ahead With 20-Year Road Map

High Community Engagement Went into Crafting Plan

Muskoka has a new road map that should guide it for the next two decades. It’s called the Muskoka Official Plan, and it just got through the last tier of approvals through the province and is ready to be put to use.

The powers that be say it will be used to guide infrastructure, growth, and the economy for the district for the next twenty years. “The plan provides framework for not only area municipalities but for landowners, developers and community members,” said Samantha Hastings, Commissioner of Community and Planning Services with the District Municipality of Muskoka, “and will play an integral role in achieving our community goals of protecting Muskoka’s natural assets, increasing the supply of affordable housing, building healthy communities and promoting a vibrant economy.”

Over twenty different community groups, along with local schools, a variety of stakeholders, and the public at large were consulted during the drafting of this plan. Over 500 written comments were received too. “This engagement is something to be proud of.” says District Chair John Klinck, “We can say with confidence that the voices and spirit of our Muskoka communities are reflected in this plan and I am so pleased that progressive policies that address the vision and core values of Muskoka have been incorporated into this updated plan for our future.”

You can read up on the newly launched 20-Year Plan here.