Napoleon workers stepping up to fill a need for medical supply producers

The Barrie-born company Napoleon is among those switching gears to help bolster the province’s medical equipment supply.

To meet the surging demand for essential medical equipment, the grill manufacturer has paired with a Barrie-based medical supply company to help increase production; about 50 of Napoleon’s workers have volunteered to head over to the partnering company to help.

“We wanted to help however our facilities are not setup for the product required for medical equipment so we quickly found how we can help by partnering with a local medical equipment producer. We have trained and re-focused Napoleon manufacturing workers to really help medical equipment colleagues deliver on surging demand at a critical time” says Stephen Schroeter, Co-CEO for Napoleon. “We are so proud of our team for their willingness to volunteer to help where help is needed and put themselves on the frontline of this crisis” he adds.

The workers are helping to cover four shifts each day, including midnights. The medical supply company with which Napoleon is working has asked to remain anonymous for now.