Near-naked downtown protest ends in arrest when Barrie Police discover protester was a wanted man

Man wearing thong claimed to be protesting restrictions on non-essential items

If you’re wanted by the law, it might be a good idea to maintain a low profile.

Perhaps a lesson learned by one man in Barrie on Friday morning. The man called the Barrie 360 newsroom and indicated he was going to be in downtown Barrie wearing nothing but a thong, protesting recent federal and provincial pandemic-related restrictions.

Shortly after, Barrie Police were called to the downtown core following reports someone was wearing a robe and a thong, flashing passersby. Upon speaking with the man and running his name through police records, officers learned he was wanted on an outstanding arrest warrant from York Regional Police.

He was taken into custody and transported to York Region jurisdiction under the strength of that warrant. Barrie Police noted that people generally are not given an opportunity to change clothes when being transported to neighbouring police services.