Nearly half of Ontarians in hospital with Covid were admitted for other reasons

Of 3,220 current Covid hospitalizations, 54% were admitted for the virus

The Ontario government released new data Tuesday morning showing the number of people in hospital from a Covid-19-related illness and those who were admitted for other reasons.

Health Minister Christine Elliott says there are currently 3,220 people hospitalized with Covid-19.

Of those, 54 per cent were admitted to the hospital for the virus and 46 per cent were admitted for other reasons but then tested positive.

Elliott released the data after indicating that the government would begin distinguishing between who was hospitalized from Covid-19, and who tested positive after being admitted for another reason.

“While this doesn’t change the serious situation in Ontario’s hospitals, it is important to share this data to provide additional context on the state of the pandemic,” Elliott tweeted Tuesday morning.

Elliott says the government will soon release comprehensive data, graphs and tables of Covid-19 hospitalizations by status, location and number of people in the ICU.

According to Elliott, 83 per cent of those in the ICU in Ontario were admitted for Covid-19 and 17 per cent were admitted for other reasons but have tested positive for COVID-19.