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Staff to explore other designs for needle collection kiosks in Barrie

Garbage is being dumped into the kiosks

Barrie Coun. Natalie Harris wants the city to take another jab at continuing needle collection kiosks.

A staff report by Fire Chief Corey Mainprize to council general committee on Monday recommended the pilot project be discontinued. The decision wasn’t based on pinching pennies. The cost of the program is approximately $25,000 per year. The problem, according to Mainprize, is the amount of garbage that is being dumped into the kiosks.

“Due to the amount of garbage found in each kiosk, it is not possible to accurately estimate the number of needles collected during the pilot program,” the report reads.

Mainprize said staff have reported significant numbers of needles on the ground around the kiosks and no notable decrease in the number of discarded needles in the parks.

Harris got support from council for her amendment directing staff to investigate other needle kiosk designs which would allow only needles to be added.

“I think the design might have been an issue, and it was easy for people to open it (kiosks) and put garbage in,” said Harris. “It’s a problem in other cities because of the size of the opening of the type of kiosk.”

The kiosk bins located at the Canadian Mental Health Association and Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit buildings have been used properly. It’s believed that’s because people attend the sites to gain new supplies and dispose of the used needles in the bins at these locations.

In a bid to use city resources to support the Simcoe Muskoka Opioid Strategy, council approved a motion in November 2020 to place needle collection kiosks in parks or parking lots as part of a pilot project.

The following eight locations were selected:

  • Heritage Park
  • Queen’s Park
  • at the back of Collier Street parking garage
  • 83 Perry Street (west entrance to Milligan’s Pond)
  • Sam Cancilla Park
  • Stephens Park
  • Kearsey Park
  • Berczy Park

The vendor was required to report the estimated number of needles collected from each kiosk during the duration of the pilot program. But the collection and the weighing process was unable to differentiate between the weight of the collected needles and that of other products disposed of in the kiosks.

The pilot program will end in April.

What will move forward on a permanent basis is the Naloxone kit pilot program.

To date, 27 kits have been installed inside 19 facilities that have public access to defibrillators. The first kit was installed at the bus terminal in May 2021.

According to Mainprize, Naloxone from the city-installed kits has been administered on two occasions inside a city facility since the start of the pilot program, which contributed to the reversal of the overdoses that had occurred.

Since the kits and containers have already been acquired, the report indicated the ongoing cost of the program can be managed through the existing operational budget. The cost of maintaining the program is limited to the replacement of the Naloxone kit components, which is estimated at less than $150 per use, and staff time to check them regularly.

The motion will come up for final approval at the March 28 city council meeting.