Netflix is releasing a new movie every week in 2021

at least we'll have lots to watch this year

The movie train is finally rolling at full steam in 2021 and Netflix has announced that it will be releasing no less than 52 movies this year, one every single week.

It seems like Netflix is really covering its bases this year with every genre or genre mashup you can think of including westerns, thrillers, science fiction, and even a superhero comedy spoof. Julia Roberts and Hamilton creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, are also getting their directorial debuts thanks to Netflix.

Another big revelation that comes with the trailer for 27 of the films coming this year, is the big names attached to them. Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Chris Hemsworth, Amy Adams, and even Leonardo DiCaprio will all be starring in Netflix films this year. Are there any stars left in Hollywood that aren’t shooting movies with Netflix?

We’re just happy to finally be getting tons of new movies to watch.

Featured image courtesy of Ricardo Ortiz via