New COVID restrictions, including a curfew, could be announced today in Ontario

Could be as many as 18,000 new infections a day by the end of May if trends continue

With reports new modelling numbers will indicate there could be as many as 18,000 new infections a day by the end of May, if trends continue, Queen’s Park is considering a number of new restrictions.

The seven-day average of daily cases has climbed to 4208 – a 36% increase over the previous seven-day period. Ontario has reported over 4,000 daily new cases for five of the last seven days. Thursday saw the highest number of cases we have ever seen in a single day at 4,736.

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Associate Medical Officer of Health, Dr Barbara Yaffe, said yesterday our behaviours have to change, “Remember what things were like last spring when we had the Stay-At-Home order and what the streets were like, they were pretty much empty. They’re not empty these days. We have to go back to that. We have to think about it the way we did then. And I know that people are tired, people are fed up, but we want to get this thing controlled”.

Yaffe went on to say the data is alarming and should be of tremendous concern for everyone. “I have been providing updates to Ontarians for over a year now. And at some of the previous press conferences I referred to the situation as worrisome and even scary. What is truly scary is that when I used those words before, our rates and our trends were nowhere near where we find ourselves today.”

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Measures under consideration include shutting down construction that is not considered critical infrastructure, limits on non-essential manufacturing and warehousing, and for the first time in Ontario, a province-wide curfew could be introduced.

banner image via CPAC/YouTube