New feature will help kids read using the Amazon Echo Dot

"Alexa, let's read"

Amazon has just unveiled a new app that will make it easier than ever for kids to improve their reading skills from home.

Named “Reading Sidekick”, this fancy new app has tons of features that allow it to follow along with your kid’s favourite books and help them read right alongside them. Kids can simply say “Alexa, let’s read” and the device will ask if they want to read “a little” (Alexa will read most of the book), “a lot” (the reader will do most of the work), or “Take Turns” (Split the reading 50/50).

It doesn’t stop there either, the app will use voice recognition to help kids as they read too. Stumble or mispronounce a word? Alexa will help by giving corrections. Stuck on a word? Alexa will pronounce it for you to help kids continue the book all while staying relentlessly positive to keep kids on track and happy!

The app is out right now on Amazon’s Kids Service Plus which costs a monthly fee and also includes other nifty features and activities for kids to do. The good news is that if you already have an Amazon smart speaker device, you can start using the service right now!

Featured image courtesy of Digital Trends via