New Nordic Spa set to open this September in Horseshoe Valley

Vettä is a one-of-a-kind experience on track to be Ontario’s top destination.

A new Finnish-inspired Nordic spa is set to open in Horseshoe Valley, offering a hydrotherapy experience.

Construction on the new Vettä Nordic Spa is on track with the spa now set to open in early September.

The spa boasts one of the largest commercial wood-burning saunas in North America, along with pools and relaxation areas for self-guided hydrotherapy cycles.

Its amenities include the restaurant with two outdoor patios overlooking the spa and forest and a Finnish-inspired coffee Bar.

Vettä will feature forest foraged delicacies including freshly-picked mushroom medleys, preserved berries, locally sourced and ecologically-produced vegetables, responsibly raised grass-fed meats, and smoked and fresh fish. A true local farm-to-fork experience is the ultimate expression of passion coming from Vettä’s kitchens

The 350-guest capacity also includes a bistro with a four-season glass patio that’s located beside a waterfall.

You will be able to book a professional massage, use the steam rooms, saunas, warm pools and cold plunge pools. They also offer salt rubs, a hot stone room, multiple relaxation areas, and outdoor wood-burning fire pits.

Eric Harkonen, President and founder of Vettä Nordic Spa, wanted to create an experience that allows guests to sample a taste of Finland for the day.

“Coming from a Finnish family, it stood out to me that people in Canada and especially Ontario, are missing out on the sauna experience and the opportunity to unplug for a while. Vettä is a place you can visit that quiets the mind and rejuvenates your spirit. It’s a place to come together, create memories, and spend precious time with friends and family, ” said Harkonen.

The majority of Vettä functions in accordance with the Finnish tradition of chatting and engaging with others, so they encourage guests to enjoy their spa time with friends or family members.

“Time is always ticking and moving forward. We are run by our calendars and we are always chasing time in one way or another. It’s important to simply stop, and take some time for yourself,” Harkonen added.