New RVH Unit Focusing On Keeping Things Clean

Ribbon Cut at Renovated MDRD

RVH has cut the ribbon on a newly expanded department, and while it’s not one patients would find themselves in, it’s vital to their care nonetheless.

The renovated Medical Device Reprocessing Department keeps everything clean. The MDRD focuses on sterilization, preparation and storage of medical equipment, instruments, and supplies. The unit is directly involved in every surgical procedure that takes place at RVH, through the safe handling of instrucments, along with infection control and sterilization techniques.

“Due to the dedication and commitment of the MDRD and Planning teams, not one single procedure was cancelled and not one instrument tray was missed during the whole renovation period,” says hospital CEO Janice Skot. “This is truly an example of team work and our commitment to safety.”

The renovation took 15 weeks to complete, and will run 24/7, 365 days a year, providing sterile equipment for nearly 80,000 patient cases.