New Subdivision Proposed On Lands Set Aside for Agriculture and Environmental Protection

Wooded Marshlands Expected to Remain Untouched

City Hall saw a pitch to build a new neighbourhood right up against environmentally protected lands in the south end.

Monday night’s meeting at City Hall saw councillors take in a presentation from a developer proposing a new subdivision in the Hewett’s area of the so-called Annexed Lands already slated for heavy development. This developer is proposing a large chunk of land on Lockhart Road near Huronia be rezoned from Agricultural and Environmental Protection, to zones that would allow the construction of up to 594 homes.

About a third of the land in discussion would be committed to environmentally protected uses, according to documents provided to City Hall. That portion of land, a wooded marshland to the north of the lot, was identified as part of a natural heritage system, and is expected to remain untouched.

The area in green would remain environmentally protected.

The subdivision being proposed would include a public elementary school and three village squares, along with the 470 to 594 residential units in a mix of housing types.

Another proposed development was presented to Barrie Council at Monday’s meeting, also asking for environmentally protected lands to be rezoned. This development, at Edgehill Drive near Anne St. would see 109 units built. Both proposals are in the public meeting stage; City Hall will go over the rezoning applications and bring it to council for a vote at a later date.