Nike shows off their new “hands-free” shoes

For those who can't put their shoes on without assistance (or can't be bothered)

Besides looking sort of fun to take on and off, Nike’s new hands-free shoes are amazingly accessible and will soon be available to everyone.

Originally created to support the company’s adaptive athletes, competitors who face unique challenges in putting on athletic gear, the FlyEase shoes became so popular that Nike will soon be making them available to the wider public. They work by allowing the shoe to essentially snap in half which allows for easy access and easy removal. “As we continue to push the limits of making athletes better, we also need to push the limits in terms of allowing all athletes to wear our product,” said Richard Ramsey, FlyEase Innovator.

The shoes are currently only available to select Nike members but the company plans to make them available to everyone later this year.

Featured image courtesy of Eminetra via