North Simcoe In Disagreement Over Amalgamation Suggestions

Mayors of Three Municipalities Say Service Delivery Should Stay Status Quo

A letter signed by the mayors of Tay, Penetanguishene, and Tiny doesn’t quite jive with what Midland’s been suggesting.

Earlier this month, the Town of Midland began toying with the idea of forming a lower tier municipality that would include Tay, Tiny and Penetanguishene. The mayors of all three of the latter communities said in this letter that amalgamation is not the way to go.

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“We have had a real history here, the four municipalities, in working cooperatively and in collaboration to do a number of measures that does what the province is looking for, for services to be delivered efficiently and effectively as possible. And we think we’re doing that now.” says Tay Township Mayor Ted Walker.

Walker adds he understands the final decision is out of their hands. “We’re not sure exactly where the province might end up with the recommendations with this. If it does come down to amalgamation, I’m sure the municipalities involved will work together, as we have in the past, to get the transition done as effectively and efficiently as possible”

Despite not seeing eye-to-eye with Midland’s vision of a new North Simcoe, the quartet is still on good terms. “We’re still partners; the four of us work together. The four mayors do talk, and we’re aware of Midland’s position, and the Mayor of Midland is aware of our position” says Walker. “It’s still up in the air as to where the province might be going on this, but I each of us respects the position that the others are taking on this.”