One-Day Blitz Saw Hundreds of Commercial Vehicle Operators Charged

Operation Corridor Sees Nearly 450 Charges Laid

This year’s Operation Corridor kept OPP hopping, with nearly 450 charges laid in the commercial vehicle blitz.

Officers from across the province took part in a one-day enforcement stint, looking for commercial vehicles violating the rule of the road. The highest number of charges laid involved equipment violations at 148, while speeding came in second with 114 charges laid. A total of 44 commercial vehicles were taken out of service for one reason or another.

In total, 448 charges were laid in the June 13th effort. Provincial Police have since broken down the rest of the charges laid:

  • Seat belt:44
  • Speed limiter:31
  • Follow too close:28
  • Hours of service:24
  • Distracted driving:13
  • Unsecure load:11
  • Unsafe lane change:5
  • Other hazardous moving violations:29