One million Face Shields produced at Oro-Medonte company

Company President David Yeaman credits the entire staff for adapting to the change

Talk about a pivot!

In just over two months, with business in the automotive sector dried up because of COVID-19, company president David Yeaman and his team did a complete about-face at Molded Precision Components.

This week, the Oro-Medonte company celebrated production of one million face shields.

The engineering and injecting moulding company spent $8 million to retool the business and partnered with Sterling Industries of Toronto, a medical device manufacturer.

Yeaman said he wanted to do something that had a positive impact on the community and kept staff employed.

The product is being sent to the provincial and federal governments to be given to front line workers.

Yeaman and his business partner Thomas Woegerer are proud of the work the employees have accomplished.

As production was being ramped up back in early April, Yeaman said his team worked hard to make the pivot a success.

“We have bonded together like no other. We are looking forward to post-COVID. The relationships and bonds knowing we did this together. It’s phenomenal and amazing what they’re doing. It’s all about the people.”

Picture provided: Sarah Taylor