Barrie’s ‘DIY Online Christmas Market’ is an easy way to shop local this season

Facebook market celebrates first anniversary

The ‘DIY Online Christmas Market’ is celebrating its first anniversary.

The Facebook group showcases local entrepreneurs’ creations, allowing an easy way for customers to shop locally.

Since its inception in 2021, the group has garnered over 1700 followers, comprising of 30 vendors.

Founder Kerry- Lynn Embrack says she started the group as a way to find local products.

“I wanted to buy local but needed to figure out where to go. Other groups on Facebook existed but were not zeroed in on people making local products.”

Picture Courtesy of Marcella Pelle-Scaccia Via DIY Online Christmas Market

“Eventually, I started reaching out to people through various areas, and over the past year, we keep getting more and more people asking to join us and to be part of the market,” Embrack explains.

The market didn’t stop after Christmas and continued to offer products throughout the year.

Embrack says the group’s accessibility is what makes it successful.

“I think people like being able to scroll through their feed if they’re on a break, find what they need and still shop locally.”

With budgets being especially tight for many people this year, keeping spending dollars in the community when possible is always a great option.

Picture courtesy of via DIY Online Christmas Market

Embrack says “I want it to become one whole community where we help each other, but we’re not spending ridiculous amounts of money. Shopping within our community does so much for so many.”

The market has recently teamed up with Barrie’s ‘Seasons Center for Grieving Children.’

The organization sells food, sweaters, ornaments, classes and more.

“If you buy their stuff, it goes back into their center, which does tremendous work,” Embrack explains.

In addition to products, there will be Facebook Live demonstrations, including Yoga classes and cooking tutorials.

You can follow the DIY Online Christmas Market here.

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